Parkour Pants KRAP 2.0B

Krap Parkour Pants 2.0 B, available in 3 colors (Black, Natural and Green Moss) and 4 sizes: S - L - XXL - 4XL, designed to be baggy and comfortable.

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Krap Parkour Pants 2.0 B, available in 3 colors (Black, Natural and Green Moss) and 4 sizes: S - L - XXL - 4XL, designed to be the best baggy and comfortable pants for parkour.
The darken logo on the back is soft, a krap label in the left pocket increase the style, and finally a "Parkour" sewing gives the final touch. These are the 2nd version of our original Parkour sweatpants, soft, baggy and light for the best training conditions!
They come with a few features:

- 2 side pockets with buttons
- Smaller back pocket with button
- Drawcords at ankles
- Secret Pocket for phone or coins in the right
- Keyholder beneath the right pocket

Composition: 60% Cotton - 40% Polyester


Customer Reviews (7)

Best Pk Pants Around!Review by Nick
I absolutely love these pants. They're all that I train in! I started out with larges (i'm 5'9") and now i keep going up sizes because i can't get enough of baggy pants! These are my favorite pants in general, they're so comfortable, lightweight, and hold up so incredibly well that I already have 5 pairs of these and I'm really looking into getting a pair of KRAP 2017 pants because they are freaking perfect. They are almost the only brand of pants I wear anymore because I don't believe there are better pants out there. Even though they are expensive, they are definitely worth it. I've worn pk pants from all around (3run, Farang, Take Flight, Etre-Fort, etc.), and while they're all great pants, these Krap pants are my favorite by far. I highly recommend getting a pair of these! (Posted on 4/17/2017)
greatReview by Andrea
best clothing (Posted on 3/14/2017)
Wicked Sick PK PantsReview by Falarion
I've owned quite the few different sweatpants from cheap brands aswell as different legit Parkour Brand sweatpants such as: Etre Fort & Underways.
I'd say the quality of these pants are on par with that of Etre Fort and come in incredibly pleasing colors.
I've only worn them for about 10 sessions so far but already I'm loving them more than my Etre Forts. I don't really know why, they just feel better in many different ways.

The only thing missing in my opinion is zip-pockets.
There's one single thing I dislike about the pants and it's the position of the pockets, it's just way to high up for me and feels unnatural.

Either way I'll rank these pants 10/10 and I highly recommend them to anyone! (Posted on 12/25/2016)
Measurements pantsReview by JorgeGiner
Could you measure the sizes? Thank you
Done with google translator (Posted on 11/21/2016)
Best pants out thereReview by Braeden
I ordered the black ones in XXL and they just came in the mail today.
Tried them on and was instantly in love with them. I had etrefort before these and as much as I like etreforts sweats there's had problems that these didn't.
These are cheaper for starters.
Second etreforts are very thick and heavy. These are thin and light so even in the summer they will be nice.
Third They are baggier than etreforts and the drawcords actually work whereas I've had problems with the etrefort sweats.
Lastly and the biggest for me was the waist. All of etreforts shorts and sweats have a wide waist so it looks weird with most t shirts even if they are huge.
The waist on these are smaller and doesn't look weird when wearing t shirts or anything tighter than an XL shirt haha.
Overall best pants I've gotten and I definetly will be buying another pair.
Thanks Krap for the dope pants! (Posted on 10/22/2016)
Reply to MitchellReview by Valentino
Thanks for the review Mitchell, the pockets buttons were fixed, in the new models they're stronger ;) (Posted on 8/12/2014)
Amazing Parkour PantsReview by Mitchell
I've had several parkour sweatpants that include cheap Walmart brand and good medium priced brands. Out of all my sweatpants the quality of this pair is by far the best. I have a pair of Etre-Forts and even these seem different then them. These sweatpants are great for leisure or a session of parkour. Had mine for about 1.5months or so now and they still feel like new. The only problem I'd probably have to admit is that the buttons on the pockets aren't sewn in very tightly, mine came off with a week or two and I had to sew they back on. Other than that, definitely recommend if you got the money, great pair of parkour pants. (Posted on 1/31/2014)

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