Probably you've seen last video of the great Pedro Salgado, some shoots in the forest and a really great edit, we took the chance to ask him some questions about it, here is a small deepening with a few questions:

- Were the idea for a video in the forest come from? What did you want to communicate with this video?

This video was spontaneous. Diogo, told me to go with him to Sintra for a walk. I love Sintra, so why not? Then i pick my camera as well to take some pictures and i meet him in Sintra. We did some random shots in the village with some climbs and jumps. And we start get excited to film more.

The Forest

- Why did you choose to train in the forest with casual city clothing? I liked the contrast of nature and skinny pants,
t-shirt and cap..

I was like that in that day, was spontaneous… Parkour for me is not like a superhero costume, i was dressed like that in that day and we did some shots in the first day with that clothing, then next day i bring the same to mach in the video.

Skinny jumps

- Do you enjoy more traing in the forest or in the city?

It's completely different! City it's easier, almost everything has the same shapes and flat ground. In the forest even run is hard! But was a good challenge for me.

Jumping in rocks

- The filming and editing is dope, do you want to spend a few words about the video maker?

Diogo is one of the founders of Line Team and we always was passionate by videography. He knows parkour and he also is really creative, which helps a lot making parkour videos. He also is sick on edition. If you want you can check more of his work on his website:

Good breakfast before the shooting