With a 9 seats Van, offered by ProsPort we're ready to go for a great European adventure, that will bring us in the principal parkour gyms and spots to meet local athletes, train and have fun together!

That't the KRAP INVADERS ON TOUR 2017 spirit!

Krap Invaders is an event that hosted thousands of athletes Italians and International,
It all started in Schio, 2010 then moved in other Italian cities, this year we were planning to make come back in Schio, but we had burocratics problems,
so we thought that the best way to go on was taking a van and go to meet our fans around Europe!!!

These are the people leaving from Italy:
Valentino, Eleonora, Oscar (3 years old), Krystian e Davide, we're leaving on the 20 July from Schio, heading north! We'll meet down the road other athletes, that will join us for some stops,
Krapstore will be present, with the official tour t-shirt and all the Krap clothing!

First event will be in Schio a few days before leaving!

 La prima tappa a Schio


Technical sponsor

For some support we asked a few independent brands that liked our plan, It's great to have their products on board, you will see them in each stop!

Ollo Shoes - Enkistove - Scrubba Bag - ProsPort -BundleBeds -Kimeral

Here is were all started, the old 2011 "Krap Tour" video!