You all Know Dk, but maybe you didn't know all the moves he does in this new video!
We're proud to sponsor him, check the video and read the article and you might also discover why he's nickname is DK!!



- Finally a new video, why so much time from the last one?

It has been a very busy period, expecially after the RedBull AOM 2014, too many places to go and things to do and not many time for filming.
My favourite number is 7, and it's been 7 months since I uploaded my last video, so I worked hard to make this video in time, now i would love it to go crazy! Please share it!!

- What did you put in this footage?

I've used 2-3 old clips from old videos than i've worked on originality of moves, creativity and difficulty, of course some flow too.
It was kind of a competition to myself to see how many new tricks i could do with a good style, I don't like to publish bad landings or ugly tricks!
Rhe video is full of twists (every twist DIFFERENT) I like to spin, and recently started to name moves.

Dk freezing

Tell us something about you, how did you learn soo many tricks?

Well, I have been training for almost 8 years, 7,5 let's say.. I started when I was 12, I couldn't get into a gym since the age of 14, but even then, we wearing sneaking in a gym at 6-7 o clock every saturdat morning, and 10 minutes after, the security always kicked us out, so generally didn't have a gym to train for 5 years... Now after the Win in the Art Of Motion, I have a specific private permission to train there, (but without my friends) and this happened a few weaks ago.. Never did gymnastics, never had a trainer. I always pray to God for EVERYTHING, and that helps me go on in EVERYTHING. That's me

- Good to know, last question, why your nickname is DK? I always confuse you for a danish guy....

I got to go brooo!! Friends call me DK it comes from the first letters of my Name (Dimitris) and surname (Kyrsanidis). That's all

- Thanks man, keep on pushing and see you at the KRAP INVADERS!!!