This event at the Airborn Gym in Liverpool is a huge meeting of good athletes, check the free-z footage!

Joel gave us some pictures and some impression!



- Great video Joel, we always love your travel videoblogs! How was Airborn Pro Jam 2015?

This year was really good. There were not that many international people like there were last year but that probably made it a bit more familiar. It semmed like everyone was training with each other. A lot of crazy shit went down but I never felt like people have a preasure and wanna show of. It was such a cozy event...

The Airborn Gym

- What's that beach we see in the video?

On saturday evening we went to this Burger place for dinner and it was right next to the sea. We arrived there before sunset. So some of us obviously went down to the sea were there was low tide at the moment so you could walk all the way on the sand. And of course people did flips during the sunset.

The Beach Liverpool

- A quick question to Dk, Hei man, did you enjoy the event?

I didn't have enough time to play in this amazing gym !! I want to go there again even more, this gym is massive!! the coaches were pretty amazing !!! Everybody was helpful, kind and crazy !!! I always do challenges with Erik when we meet, he beat me up this time xD haha It's so funny every time I learn many things from this guy, we also fought haha I could beat him but I said ok... let him win this time (NOT a chance for me) met the 3RUN family.. which I have been watching them since 2007-8 so it was a great honor to train with them. Met a guy named Bogdan, he is insane, triple fulls and double flips like nothing xD he pushed me hard to do hard stuff Really cool people anyways !!

Ah, last thing: Made a new trick (at least for me) with Ryan.. It's called the Mirror flip or something like that, it's basicly 2 people doing a wallflip stepping on its other feet, great feeling !! (Check the video!)


Art of motion champions & Redbull athletes @ryan_doyle & @dimitris_dk_kyrsanidis with the 'mirrors edge' #projam2015 #athletes #footflip

Posted by Airborn Academy on Sunday, April 19, 2015

- Thanks man, keep on pushing and see you at the KRAP INVADERS!!!