Run Faster Jump Higher 2014 USA Tour - KRAPSTORE

This summer a bunch of traceurs had a great tour around USA, KRAPSTORE was happy to sponsor these guys with some free clothing to spread the love for parkour in the US.
They made this edit to thank us for the help and share their experience! ENJOY IT with and the small interview of Michael Hartwig, one of the organizers of the tour

Vinnie Coryell - Move to Inspire

We always follow our firend Vinnie Coryell on Instagram, but we missed a good edit on youtube, here it is, fresh from last week, and the title is appropriate: "It's Been a While", check it out and read a few questions we asked him!
We think he's really inspiring! Keep it up Vinnie!

Lumber - Pedro Salgado in the Forest

Probably you've seen last video of the great Pedro Salgado, some shoots in the forest and a really great edit, we took the chance to ask him some questions about it, here is a small deepening with a few questions and the video.

Skinny jumps

Power Flow Jam Finland 2014

A few weeks ago our friends Sami and Anni "Herttua Family" in Finland planned a smal but effective freerunning jam, we've asked them some questions because we loved the video and we think events like this should be everyday everywere ;)
Check out the footage and if you want to know more from the event read after!


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