About KrapStore

Krapstore is a Clothing Brand born from KRAP Association activity, from 2008, KRAP endorsed freestyle disciplines as Parkour, Freerunning, Skateboarding, MTB, BMX, Snowboard and more, in 2010 rented a 1000 square meteres Warehouse in Santorso (VI) and created the KRAPANNONE, the first European Parkour Indoor gym, after a few years in 2014 opened THE WALL - SkateKRAP, an Indoor skatepark based in Vicenza, Italy.

The aim of the association is to pormote their disciplines doing workshops for kids and adults, planning events and updating their gyms, to spread in Italy and in the Wolrd the love and the meaning of freestyle

Krapstore is meant to be the official sponsor of KRAP activities, so when you're buying products in this website your not funding a random brand, but you're helping the gowth of the sports we love.

Since the beginning KRAP is a Self-Financed association and Company, we believed on our cause and we started with our few money of 20 years old guys, all our efforts was to pay the rent, improve the gyms and involve more people on the activity.

Krap International S.r.l. is the company created in 2013 to manage all the professional woks coming form KRAP, as selling merchandise, planning events and doing shows.

To all of you, coming shopping in KrapStore.com - Thank you for sponsoring us and Happy eCommerce!

Valentino Di Lauro
Krap CEO